Adjaye Associates

Adjaye Associates 

Full Building Exterior. Courtesy of Adjaye Associates
Paediatric Cancer Center in Kigali

Paediatric Cancer Center in Kigali – Located in the Gahanga District, Kigali, Rwanda, on a 4 Hectare site, the paediatric cancer centre will provide a hospital and lodging facility for outpatients who need to reside close to the hospital, as well as residential housing for physicians and nurses. The design of the 100-bed hospital draws on the traditional architectural vernacular of the region, expressed with a contemporary language… Read more


Cape Coast Slavery Museum

Cape Coast Slavery Museum – Situated near the Cape Coast Castle – formerly used in the trans-Atlantic slave trade – the new Cape Coast Slavery Museum is a careful response to this historic building and an engaging forum within which to understand and learn about Ghanaian history… Read more


Courtesy of Adjaye Associates.
Alara Concept Store

Alara Concept Store – Providing West Africa with its first signature retail and lifestyle environment, the Alara store will promote emerging talent while establishing a creative hub and an essential new destination for Lagos. The site is on Akin Olugbade Street, in a part residential/part commercial street, in Victoria Island, Lagos… Read more



Courtesy of Adjaye Associates.
Princes Town Resort

Princes Town Resort – Set on a dramatic sandy white beach, Prince Town is a five star resort complex that is designed to follow the contours of the coastline, while nestling discreetly below the existing treeline. Accommodating 150 rooms and 30 villas, the hotel’s dominant material is locally sourced timber. The main building snakes along the shoreline, with a lagoon used for water sports to its rear… Read more


Hallmark House

Hallmark House – Hallmark House will accommodate expansive residential apartments, an all-suite luxury hotel, and a mix of health, wellness and leisure facilities. The multimillion-rand development, positioned to become the most enviable address on the African continent, is scheduled for completion in 2017. The project aspires to merge art, design, culture and architecture to appeal to a variety of human needs. Central to the African aesthetic is a modern, high quality material palette, with interiors reflecting the lines and silhouettes of the surrounding urban metropolis… Read more











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