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2017 CPDI Africa Winners Announcement

The Winners of the last Edition of the CPDI Africa Awards have been revealed.

The annual Awards are open to participants from all around the world. The last edition closed the participation last August 1st, and is dividing $10,000 in cash prizes, similarly amongst placed winners. The theme was:

What Africa will you build…

…if given the opportunity to redevelop Africa’s built environment in her own identity?

The participants were asked to:

  1. Conduct research into the cultural history of African architecture.
  2. Understand the impact of lifestyle and how social philosophy and activities were (and still are practiced) in space utilization and location within the home, family compound and community.
  3. Explore the aesthetics or architecture and the artistic languages of the various ethnicities.
  4. Understand the reasons why particular materials and building techniques were preferred and utilized across the Continent. Identify those traditional elements of design that still have value, and are relevant in today’s architecture.
  5. Harmonize these traditional design elements with features from contemporary architectural practices, paying special attention to sustainability, availability and affordability of local materials.
  6. Through this design process, collaborating architects, artists and engineers will create stimulating Successful Design Prototypes, used to build culturally sound and sustainable neighborhoods and cities!

The winners are:

  • 1st Place Winner: Aisha Aminu (Nigeria)
  • 2nd Place Winner: The team composed by Olalekan Afolabi and Olalekan Ileola-gold (Nigeria)
  • 3rd Place Winner: The team composed by Chitani Mansa Musa Ndisale (Malawi), Kouyate Toure (USA) and Muhammad Shehata (USA)
  • and there are 16 Honorable Mentions

About the Community Planning & Design Initiative Africa (CPDI Africa)

CPDI Africa is a culture-inspired, research-based, design-build competition, created to inspire the development of successful neighborhoods and communities on the continent, with modern African architecture that is both culturally and environmentally sustainable. Believing that the redevelopment of Africa’s built environment should be as it has always been, built as a collaborative effort between the community members and designated master builders, CDPI Africa engages participation from the design community in Africa and the Diaspora at large, for the accomplishment of its vision.

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For further information about the Competition, please click here.

For further information about the Members of the Juror, please click here. 

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